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Family  Concierge Service 

"Love in Every Detail : Your Family's Perfect Concierge Touch."

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Meet Elisabet Fábregas 

Step into my world at Family Concierge Service, where I, Elisabet Faregas, have passionately shaped a unique experience for families on the vibrant island of Ibiza. With a rich history collaborating with opulent hotels like Six Senses and working closely with esteemed concierge companies.


Throughout my career, I've dedicated myself to providing top-notch experiences for VIP clients. My expertise extends to offering Montessori-trained nannies, ensuring that every aspect of a family's stay is not only luxurious but also infused with care, education, and a commitment to the highest standards in childcare.


As a professional, my mission is clear: to be the architect of unforgettable island escapes that seamlessly weave together opulence, education, and heartfelt care for every generation. The delicate dance between concierge and childcare standards is one that I navigate with precision and passion, making Family Concierge Service a beacon of excellence for families seeking tailored and exceptional experiences on the mesmerizing Mediterranean island of Ibiza.

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" Creating sweet memories for the little ones and heartfelt moments for moms and dads."

 Elisabet Fábregas


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